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U.S. Coast Guard Shield on orange and blue swoops that mimick the Coast Guard stripe on our ships

  Immediately report the following:

Suspicious persons conduction unusual activities, such as near bridges or high security areas on or near the water.

Individuals establishing roadside stands near marinas or other waterfront facilities.

Unknown persons photographing or creating diagrams of such things as the underside of bridges, the area around nuclear power plants, and waterfront facilities near military, cruise-line, or commercial vessels.

Unknown or suspicious persons loitering for extended periods of time in waterfront areas.

Suspicious persons renting or attempting to procure or "borrow" watercraft.

Suspicious vendors attempting to sell/deliver merchandise or drop off packages in waterfront areas.

Keep a sharp eye out for anything that looks peculiar or out of the ordinary. Immediately report all activities that seem suspicious to local authorities, the Coast Guard, or port or marina security officials. Or call the National Response Center's Terrorist Hotline at 1.800.424.8802. Do not approach or challenge those acting in a suspicious manner.


Specific Ways You Can Help:

Keep your distance from all military, cruise-lines, or commercial shipping vessels! Do not approach within 100 yards.  Slow to minimum speed within 500 yards of any large U.S. naval vessel, including any U.S. military or military supply vessel over 100 feet. Violators of the Naval Vessel Protection Zone face up to 6 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, not to mention a quick and severe response.  Approaching certain other commercial vessels may result in an immediate boarding, so keep well away of shipping or cruise-line traffic.

Observe and avoid all security zones. Avoid port operation areas, especially those that involve military, cruise-line, or petroleum facilities. Observe and avoid other restricted areas near dams, power plants, etc. Violators will be seen as a threat and will face a quick and severe response.  For information on special restrictions in port areas, call 1.800.682.1796 or go to www.uscg.mil/safeports , or check with local authorities.



  Do not stop or anchor beneath bridges or in the channel. If you do, then expect to be boarded by law enforcement officials.

Always secure and lock your boat when not on board.  This includes while visiting marina restaurants or a friend's dock or other piers.  Never leave your boat accessible to others. Always take the keys to the boat with you.

When storing your boat, make sure it is secure and its engine is disabled.  If it is on a trailer, make the trailer as immovable as possible.